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Creating Lasting Memories

In the midst of this diverse landscape of parenting choices, we propose an approach that involves spending quality time with children vs buying a multitude of toys and gadgets. Whether it's a favourite book, an open-ended toy, or a simple prop for imaginative play, the emphasis is on the moments you create together, rather than the sheer quantity of belongings.

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People, work and choices

Dear Reader, Last month has been a busy month for us, here at Whitewater. Avani and me became shutterbugs for some time and you have been seeing our handiwork in our social media posts. Ankita on the other hand has been working on the development of our gift boxes, which will soon debut on our website. I also visited the trade fair Playtime in New York where I saw the work of 200 talented design houses and independent makers from across the globe who are designing for children. Through my conversation with some of the exhibitors, and by observing their displays, I could discern the unique design language of brands that were French, American, Scandinavian, Spanish and those from Latin...

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