Our Story

An echo in the woods 

Have you ever travelled to the top of the mountain, shouted in exhilaration, then paused to hear your words thrown back to you? That sense of achievement, and spontaneous joy is what drives us at Whitewater to choose roads less travelled. 

We are a team of three spirited women born and brought up in urban India, pursuing our passion to create a community of health-conscious, environment-conscious and people-conscious individuals. Growing up in a patriarchal society, we are also driven by a need to be economically independent daughters, who love to stretch (figuratively and literally) and push boundaries.  

Our Founder, Shweta Dhariwal (in the centre) has taught and worked with textile artisans and designers in India for over 15 years. The people she met in this journey, the treasured craftsmanship chanced upon, and the research behind it all, inspired her to concretize Whitewater. She is drawn to simplicity, folk imagery, and the written word. She studied accountancy honours before joining National Institute of Design, and this levelled thinking is visible in her approach towards design and strategizing business.  

Shweta is joined by her friend Avani Desai (on the left) and her younger sister Ankita Dhariwal (on the right). Avani brings her eons of experience of visual merchandising and training as a fashion designer to the team. A people’s person, Avani left her corporate career in pursuit of the larger goal of giving back to the community. She is an adventurous soul who loves to take up challenges – be it sourcing or production, she perseveres till her expectations are met.

Ankita trained as a graphic designer at London College of Communication after her studies in communication. Living with a neuro-muscular disorder, she balances her penchant for the good things in life through digital wizardry. She is a bundle of energy who can share with you the value of our products – if you don’t believe us, talk to her! And when we hear her echo via you – dear readers, we will know that our mission is achieved.

Thank you for joining us in our travels! To know more about us follow our blog here.

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