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Hello Reader,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Nidhi Somani as the new content creator for our blog.

A graduate in Finance and Economics, Nidhi has dabbled with many roles in the past. Based in Kolkata, she is a mother of two boys and believes in making this a world where inclusion and tolerance are truly practiced. Not one to shy from voicing her opinions on matters close to her heart, she write eloquently on education, climate change and equality.

Nidhi is a kindred spirit, positivity is her vibe and she is always the one to say equality is not about doing the same things - it's about having the same opportunities, and then realizing your fit.

Please join me in welcoming her to the Whitewater Family. Over the coming months, she will share her unique take on parenting, conscious choices and mindfulness.

Handing over the reigns,


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