Whitewater - The story in the Name

Dear Reader,
Every time I mention my brand 'Whitewater', I am invariably asked what the name means. It was a serendipitous moment in the backseat of a car in Kolkata that 'white' met 'water' and the name Whitewater came to life. But let me tell you how I began and how the story unfolded.  

My starting point was simple:
- It should be one word
- It should have a part of me in it
- It should be fluid, and not product specific.
With these three parameters, it took me almost three months to come up with a name. I remember waking up everyday with a new name and mentioning it to my husband and sisters to gauge their reaction. Rolling eyes...sparkling eyes...upturned noses...or lopsided lips...every facial expression and feeling the name evoked was registered. I know what you must be thinking - thank goodness she finally found something that everyone agreed upon!  
True to our Indian roots, the name has to have meaning. 'Shweta' means 'white or pure' in Sanskrit and water is linked to ancient Indian folklore about creation - in the beginning there was emptiness, and then came water. Together, Whitewater represents purity and beginning of life. It also stands for momentum, as whitewater (as in whitewater rafting) is never still. 
We, at Whitewater, would love to hear the stories behind your name too!


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  • Neepa Shah

    Hey, Sgweta ,

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