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Living beyond the lens

While documentation of important moments in our lives is a handy tool, it cannot replace the actual experience. So we urge you to put the phone away and immerse yourself in the moment with those who are important in your lives. From sunsets, to the children playing in the sand – from their sports day races to them dancing carefree to a tune - experience the joy of doing while not recording!

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A letter on gratitude, generosity and green choices

A letter on gratitude, generosity and green choices. I feel sometimes, in our excitement of larger-than-life festivities, we tend to forget the impact on our homes. Let’s think out of the box and celebrate more than just the holiday. Lets reinforce the meaning of celebrations and to be thankful for togetherness, health, love, kindness and abundance of joy we have in our lives.

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Creating Lasting Memories

In the midst of this diverse landscape of parenting choices, we propose an approach that involves spending quality time with children vs buying a multitude of toys and gadgets. Whether it's a favourite book, an open-ended toy, or a simple prop for imaginative play, the emphasis is on the moments you create together, rather than the sheer quantity of belongings.

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