Organic cotton for conscious parents

Dear Reader, 

I have been nostalgic all morning today after I decided to clean out a closet with all our family albums. Yes, I am old school and I still print pictures! But what a joy it is. You see, I went down memory lane and remembered holding my babies for the first time in my arms - their newborn smell, their yawns, and their first cry. I remember feeling strength along with an overwhelming urge to bring the best of the world to them. I promised to make sure everything they ate, wore, and played with, was all hand-picked, researched, and the best for them. I am sure every parent reading this, resonates with my state of mind. 

The first thing that touched them, which I had control over, were the clothes I made them wear to bring them home from the hospital. I picked a Whitewater Angarakha and swaddle for my older son and a Jhabla for my second born. Their prints lured me, but what made me buy them, was the care they took for what came in contact with sensitive baby skin. We do not tend to think that through our skin, we can ingest chemicals commonly used in the textile industry in India. But here lies the fallacy as a babies skin is even more sensitive than an adult.

So while natural, breathable fabrics like cotton are most suited for the tropical climate here in Bengal, I choose organic cotton as it is environmentally friendly and more durable. It even becomes softer with every wash! Being chemical-free, it makes me sleep sound, knowing that there is no possibility of a rash or any irritation. While Whitewater prides on being health-conscious, environment-conscious, and people-conscious, I find them to be baby-conscious to begin with. 

While often my choice is met with a snide comment about how expensive they are, I counter them with the price one pays for brand names, even though quite often, they might not be the best choice for the sensitive skin of our babies. If I am getting good value and safe design from a homegrown label here in India, then why should I not choose them? 

I also truly believe that we are a global family. What I do impacts the lives of the entire humanity to certain degrees, and making conscious choices makes me feel like I am leaving my children with a better world. 

Making Better Choices,

Responsibly Yours,


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