Summer Wardrobe Woes: Navigating the World of Kids' Clothing

Dear Reader,

As summer sets in with all its might, the shift from track pants to shorts on the accessible shelves of the cupboards is a familiar routine in most Indian households. As I rummage through my boys’ closet to do the same, I realize most of their summer clothes do not fit and it is time to go shopping. I dread what is to follow as there are so many factors to consider before buying!

As a mother of 2 growing boys, comfort is paramount. The last thing I need is complaints of itchiness from stitches or roughness of the fabric resulting in a fuss. Their active days also require clothes they can stretch, run, and play freely in. Durability – how could I not list that- when these boys stain, sweat, and handle roughly all their clothes?

And as if these were not criteria enough, I also want them to be easy-to-wear and remove to support our journey towards independence. Last on my list is affordability, given how soon they will outgrow them. The ease to mix-and-match is also to be considered. I am sure you now understand why the very act of shopping is an ordeal!

Nevertheless, it must be done so, I step out of my house and am drenched in sweat before I can sit in the car. I never remember April so hot growing up and I am reminded of the environmental impacts of our choices once more! There we go, adding making conscious choices to the list. Intentional design practices such as organic and comfortable fabrics, preserving time-tested artisanal skills and ethical production always point me to Whitewater Kids. Today, even fast fashion brands like H&M are making conscious lines to meet the growing demand.

Oh and have you read that article about plastic in children’s clothing causing rashes? I never used to check labels and went with the flow of whatever was presented to me by the salesperson until I faced this. Reading the composition of the materials used, certifications for organic or otherwise, and also the tag itself are important things to make note of.

I hope I have not left you overwhelmed but it is just to bring to your notice how our babies and their clothing are an integral part not only of their lives today but also impact their future in more ways than one. I would love to hear from you which factor is topmost on your list - comment below.

Shopping Ready,

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