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Initially, I wanted to write about the importance of swaddling for this month’s post - on how it should be tight enough to give a sense of a mother’s womb and loose enough below the waist to let the legs move. However, as the creative mind works, I got distracted by an article by Gianpiero Petriglieri, Susan Ashford and Amy Wrzesniewski in Harvard Business Review on how freelancers thrived in the gig economy, a burgeoning segment of the workforce. The article concluded with sentiments of one such independent consultant, who would “frame her life as really living!” There were a couple of pointers that resonated with my partners and me, as insights into our own head workings:  

  1. People who work independently feel a sense of ownership over what they produced and over their professional lives – That is why we chose to pursue our own work, so that we could decide how we want to shape it and what is important for us to work towards. This also meant that we have to work, else we will not survive – so there is no security of the office chair!
  2. Success for such people meant taking work that connects to a broader purpose - This is so true for us, as we have realized through our own experiences, that success is more than moving up the ladder for us. Our professional zeal to create awareness and personal aspiration to travel, are perhaps the most important threads that binds us.

On a lighter note, maybe my next blog post will be about swaddling, unless you write to me first on what you would want to read about.

Focusing my mind,


Photo details: The photograph is work of Hanif Kureshi displayed at the Sassoon Docks Art project, visited in Mumbai 2017. 


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