Ideas worth stealing

Dear Reader,

When everything around you feels cold, it is the warmth of the winter sun or a mother’s touch (literally!) that can inspire you back to active stage. I came across something similar yesterday – The Kindness Rock Project ( in a magazine under ‘Ideas worth stealing’. What a fabulous initiative!

Reading about the project took me back to the day Claudia and I spent hours collecting rocks on the banks of Spiti river at Sichling, only to realize there was only so much that we could carry back to our homes. Thus, began the painful process of editing and choosing. This constant battle of what to keep and what to let go has become part and parcel of my travels and life.

When designing for Whitewater, we want to make sure that we create keepsake gifts that you would love to cherish, or when your baby outgrows it – would thoughtfully pass on the treasure to someone in need. So that someone else could snuggle in it and feel the warmth.

Finding new ways to looking at things in 2018…


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