Zoo Treats

  Kabir and his ma went to the zoo, There were so many animals to meet.
What made it special, were the stories she told, The visit was his birthday treat!
He came across a Mama hathi, and she said, “Her baby is the biggest on the earth.
She holds his trunk; leads the way, And teaches what life is worth!”
He looked up and saw a bandar, and she said “The langur stays up in the tree,
She always carries her baby around, But you never hear a complaining sound.”
“Mumma, why does the bagh look sad? Can I hug and make him smile?”
“The bagh loves the jungle, he misses his friends, So he is sad, every once in a while.”
“Look there is the sher, the king of the jungle, The sound of his roar is like papa’s snores,
“How was your day?”, when papa asks, Rooooaaaaar! That is, you, we’ll say.”
Translations (Hindi to English) Bagh = tiger | Sher = lion | Hathi = elephant | Bandar = monkey | Langur = belongs to the monkey family